Marine Contracts

Contract Law is an essential part of any business venture.

When you make a decision to enter into a commercial relationship or a maritime related agreement generally, those relationships are built on trust and creating a formal contract may not be at the forefront of your mind. As at the time of entering into the relationship the parties are all getting on and  you may not foresee any problems.

However, it is important to remember a well drafted contract secures the rights and obligations of each of the parties involved. Although the contract is rarely looked at over the course of the business relationship, should an issue arise in the future,  the contract stands as evidence of what was agreed.

Our job is to ensure that any contract you are considering to enter, like a Commercial Lease, adequately outlines your rights and obligations. If it does not, then we can negotiate with the other parties involved to ensure the contract clearly defines your rights.

Signing a Marine Contract
Signing a Marine Contract

Alternatively, if you are looking to draft a business contract or commercial agreement then we will carefully consider the circumstances surrounding your business and ensure that the contract we draft is legally sound and abides by the relevant contract law requirements. And we will aim to ensure the contract outlines all of the things necessary for you to conduct your business.

If you find yourself in a situation where the business relationship has deteriorated this can be stressful and may become a costly affair. We are well equipped to assess the best pathway to resolve the conflict. From Dispute Resolution to court we attempt to resolve your dispute in a cost effective and timely manner.

Vaarzon-Morel Maritime Lawyers work hard to immerse ourselves in our client’s business in order to focus on your immediate needs as well as offering long-term support over the course of your business.