Shipping and Trade

Maritime Law is often referred to as Admiralty Law and is a branch of law that regulates commerce and navigation on the seas in the form of Shipping and Trade. These laws are both international and domestic in nature and it is this complex web or Maritime Laws that require a Maritime Lawyer who can confidently navigate you through this legal minefield. 

Specifically, Admiralty law regulates the enforcement of contracts by way of making provision for damages to parties who have suffered some form of loss at the hands of a contracting party who has failed to honour or perform the agreement.

The complexity of Admiralty Law is exemplified when considering the principle of general average which contemplates the voluntary sacrifice made by the master of the ship in respect of cargo, equipment or funds in order to mitigate further losses or damage in an emergency. The loss suffered by parties is thus shared amongst other parties who have shared in the relevant venture. 

Your lawyers at Vaarzon-Morel Maritime Lawyers can assist you in the following services:

  • Admiralty claims in Personam and in Rem,
  • Arrest of yachts, ships and sister ships
  • Ownership disputes
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Ships bills of lading
  • Ships charter party drafting and disputes
  • Carriage of goods, cargo shortage, contamination and damage
  • Ship casualties, collision, fire, salvage,
  • Ship conference and consortia agreements
  • Freight contracts
  • Liner shipping
  • Marine and personal insurance
  • Ship’s pollution and environmental issues
  • Port operations
  • Fishing vessel issues
  • Ship sale, purchase, building and repair