Design Registration

You’ve created something beautiful, you’ve spent countless hours carefully crafting the fine details of your design… so it’s time to consider design registration. Whether it is a unique shaped mug or distinctive boat hull shape. Your design is something special to you, design registration is the best way to protect it.

A design is what makes your product look the way it does. The design of your product refers to the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation that gives a product a unique appearance. Before applying for design registration you should determine whether your design is in fact new and distinctive.

You don’t want to risk the entire future of your business on a design that is already registered. It is also important that you do not disclose your design to anyone before the design registration process is complete. If you have publicly disclosed your design before registration then you run the risk of being unable to protect it.

Finally, not all designs can be registered so it is important that you get advice from a lawyer before starting the process.

Vaarzon-Morel Maritime Lawyers are here to help you make the most of the protections offered under the law.