Publication: Bow 2 Stern

PLAYING IT SAFE: The National Marine Safety Laws revisited

Are you an owner; designer; operator or crew-member of an existing or future commercial vessel? Since July 1 2013, the Australian Federal Government’s National System for Commercial Vessel Safety has come into force. These national safety standards coincided with the passing of legislation, the Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law Act 2012 and directly impact on Australia’s boating and…

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Brokers’ Broken Relationships

When I was an apprentice shipwright, one of the old-hats around the slipway was always spouting gems of wisdom with one such gem being, that the only people who make any money out of boats are brokers. However, this is not entirely true as I found changing careers and starting a legal practice that specialises in all things marine I’ve…

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Drones and Privacy

From armed conflicts to delivering pizza it is undeniable that drones are becoming part of our every day living. And like the smart phone soon we will wonder how people got along without this technology, of course there will be those who feel its all gone to far. Boaters in general love their privacy but this should not be taken…

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